Rescue Station

The Salty Church Rescue Station exists to help people find the resources they need for support through many of life's challenges. Our prayer is that you will be empowered to continue building independence and sustainability with the tools and resources our team offers you.

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Assistance Guidelines

  • Non-Emergency assistance only.
  • Rescue Team member will respond to application in 24-48 hours.
  • In most cases, we will help you locate and maximize existing community resources.
  • When there are no other resources available, the Rescue Team will do it’s best to help.
  • Application does not guarantee availability of resources.
  • Financial assistance does not apply to debt or health insurance benefits.
  • Checks are made payable to third parties only. No cash or checks are provided to applicants.
  • Financial assistance is limited to once a year.
  • A phone or face to face meeting is required for assistance.
Community Assistance
United Way
Elderly Energy Assistance
60 or older.
(386) 239-7757
Human Services
Monday mornings only.
(386) 239-7757
Low Income Energy Assistance Program
(386) 736-5956
1st Step Shelter
Homeless or about to become Homeless.
(386) 361-5886
Storm Emergency Assistance

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