Welcome to Salty Church!

We’re glad you’re here. Whether you're new to church or just new to ours, we hope this is a safe place for you to explore faith and learn what it means to live salty.

Man speaking from a stage sitting on a stool without shoes on.

We're Pretty Casual

If your feet like the sun as much as ours do, don't hide them behind socks and shoes! Besides, Jesus wore sandals - so does Robbie. If you insist on lacing up, everything from trainers to oxfords will work. Feel free to keep the rest of your dress casual, too. (;

Analog clock mounted on the wall reading one fifty in the afternoon.

One Hour

Our average service is about 55 minutes long. That means you'll get about 20 minutes of music, 5 minutes to connect with others, and 25 minutes of teaching - with some time in between. That's a whole lot of goodness in less time than it takes to decide where to eat.

Woman getting coffee out of a large carafe.

Connection Time

At some point during the service, we'll pause for Connection Time. It's almost like an intermission before the teaching. This is a great time to take communion, practice generosity, and pray. It's also perfect for a coffee refill, doughnut, or connecting with a friend.

Woman singing with microphone in her hand.

It Gets Loud

We get excited about singing to our creator. Our excitement is reflected in both the style and volume of our music. Don't worry we monitor the levels for safety, and provide ear plugs upon request.

Our Story

On a deep-sea fishing excursion, Lead Pastor Robbie O'Brien was challenged to start a church that would reach the unchurched and de-churched along Florida's east coast. Since that day in 2005, our mission remains RESCUE & EMPOWER  disciples for Jesus.
Ormond Beach was our first home. We now have campuses in New Smyrna Beach, Flagler Beach and support several churches in Costa Rica. Our vision is to continue planting life-saving stations up and down the coast as we carry out the Great Commission.

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